Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hey - Where's the Muse-ic??

Has the well run dry

Is it all used up

Not a word to be had

Is my mind bankrupt?

Here I sit at the screen

Hands poised on the keys

But they hover just above

Could it be brain freeze?

My mind’s been used up

There’s no doubt now

November’s marathon

Done drained it and how.

NaNo’s story’s tucked away

To marinate in the drawer

Until after the New Year

Then worked on once more.

Hopefully the muse-ic will return

After holiday cheer

Surely a dose of grandkids

Will kick it in gear.

But a few words would be nice

To share with blog friends

A story or reflection

More than these odds and ends.

I’ll try again tomorrow

Maybe the muse-ic will appear

To inspire something entertaining

Or otherwise quite dear.

But for now I will send you

 Heartfelt holiday cheer

For happiness and peace

Now and in the New Year!


  1. Ahhhhh -- This is really sweet! I think there's a lot of gear-shifting going on, particularly post-NaNo for people who did that. Give yourself a break/rest.

    And as for dear, inspiring, and entertaining: check, check and check. You got it all!


  2. I love your clever word creation: Muse-ic. Very clever indeed.

    Your muse is rocking on in spite of November's grand challenge which you met with much vigor.

    You've nothing to worry about regarding what you have to offer your blog friends. Your verses above are heartfelt and precious.

    May you find daily delight in this month of December!

  3. Thank you,ladies! It seems that writing this kind of rhymey stuff helps me get back in the writing mode. And RhymeZone is a big help too!

  4. After reading this it's hard to believe your having trouble. This is great.
    I just cannot write poetry, it's beyond my realm. I'm glad I have more talented friends, it boosts me up...right? :)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE! from me...paula

  6. I love your "rhymey stuff"! Your muse-ic is still there, just tapping out a different beat.

  7. As one whom has been called "odd", this "odds & ends" writing is fun to read. I like it when you get all "rhymey". :>)

  8. Why thank you all for your kind comments. That is very encouraging!