Sunday, April 18, 2010

Siren's Song

Crashing together waves of blue

Wonderful creations made anew

Pushing, shoving, nowhere to go

Upward and outward the energy flows

The simple magnificent joining together

Of waves so pure from turbulent weather

Silhouetted in colors of oranges and yellow

At sunset on an ocean far from mellow

I study and truly appreciate

An image so beautiful that it creates

The wonder of nature pure and strong

That Sirens sing its glorious song


  Photo: Clark Little
  Clark photographs the waves of Hawaii and his images are magnificant!


  1. Awesome photograph! Nice imagery!

  2. I've seen this person's photos before and they are incredible! I loved the imagery you used in your prose.

  3. Thanks for stopping to look Lisa - I appreciate your comments!

  4. Beautiful poem & that gorgeous picture complements it well.

  5. You've captured this photo well with your words. The photography is breathtaking. Thank you for directing us toward the photographers work!

  6. Natasha, Kirsten, and DS - isn't his work wonderful! Look at his website if you haven't yet. Thanks - this one just spoke to me!

  7. You captured the amazing splendor of the wave in the photo in your poetry. Well done and a joy to read.

  8. Thank you Shaddy! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love his other images and may try writing about another one.

  9. This is a beautiful poem. Do you usually write poetry? I don't think you've ever posted any before.

  10. I've done a quite a few, but posted only a few. Not too confident with them.. The ones I have written have usually been "stories". I think writing with my grandson a week ago brought this out!