Friday, March 26, 2010

Flash 55 Mystery Me Limerick

Take me on a roller coaster ride.

Raise questions, but answers from me hide.

Scatter clues about.

But have a few cause doubt.

Create setbacks where tension will reside.

With mood and setting build suspense.

Design cliffhangers that are emotionally intense.

String me along,

Down paths perhaps wrong.

Where my mystery solving skills can commence.


  1. This is a good reference.
    One of my biggest problems is "With mood and setting build suspense".

  2. Great! I love a good limmerick... :-)

  3. THanks!! My last Mystery Writing class was today and this is my summary of the last lesson! Thought I'd make it more complicated by trying to get it to rhyme!

  4. This is so clever! It sounds like you were considerably more successful with that course than I was....

  5. Well, we will see. I have a theory about this type of writing prep - "the outline" My background is in science and I used lots of algorithms and charts to learn and process problems. Maybe that is why this resonates better with me?

  6. How creative! See, I would have never thought to set this guide to the tune of a limerick. What fun you must have had getting the words to rhyme and still make sense! I just adore all of the unique talents we each bring to the words.

  7. I haven't figured this out yet, but I can always come up with the first four lines, then it's like pulling teeth to get the fifth one for each verse!